Call To Duty

Our Mission

Together For The Good Inc. is a veteran owned 501(c)(3) and Federal advocate service supporting Mental Health, Suicide Prevention, and Addiction Education for exclusively veterans and their families. We ‎provide seminars and workshops, third -party support groups, encompassed with other resources and tools, offered through our various partnerships to engage, empower communication between Veterans, their family members, and the professionals supporting our Veterans transitioning from military life.

PTS, and TBI awareness education are paramount when it comes to the “invisible wounds” of our veterans! Voices are lost between the veterans, their family members, and the responding agencies who all are looking for concrete answers, solutions, resources and the necessary tools to have the veteran re-enter society, and family life in a healthy law abiding, productive and safe manner. At Together For The Good Inc, we also strive to support veterans obtaining employment through our internal Job Placement Program, assistance with initiating their benefits, where to begin to file, We will walk you step by step through the process as you are filling it out to be filed with the VA.

We answer the call to duty day and night to or service members in crisis. We drive to them anywhere they are to get them into the VA system to ensure they don’t fall through the cracks any more than they already have. We go to hospitals, care facilities and communities, and check on our Veterans and their families to ensure they have the proper coverage, and benefits they deserve. We work with the Department of Veterans Affairs to ensure procedure and protocols are being done, and no mistakes are made.

Crisis plans are taken seriously, and we ensure that the best plan of action will be done. We stand behind our mission and we hope you will also. We need to come together to take care of our veterans, and the only way we can do so is with sponsors, and partners such as your organization. We represent the Military in such a way that our board is made up of All Military or spouses.

We pride ourselves on who and what we represent. With continued education through partners such as Psych Armor and Psych Hub, numerous summits, and collaborations, to ensure we are correctly informed and continue to grow to ensure proper care, and quality living to our Veterans.

Our backing tells its own story with numerous awards, and Global recognition and referrals.

Sponsors and Partners must align in what our core values.

They are as follows:

Transparency, Integrity, Empathy, Dependability, Equality, Honor and Respect. With out these core vales we can not help in the way we need to.

Be a part of the fight today. Reach out and make the commitment to fighting for out Veterans.

After all NO Veteran should come home and face a battle alone.

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Together for the good

Building The Bridge Of Hope Together

“And we know that all things work Together For Good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose” Romans 8:28



Take the Step To Support The Ones Who Gave You Your Freedom

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Your Donation no Matter how Big or how small, directly helps a family who needs the resources and help