We are a veteran certified organization aimed to take a holistic approach to serving those who serve our country, and communities in return.

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Currently, PTSD affects an estimated:


Population of America


Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars

Our mission

The long-lasting effects of war has taken its toll on veterans and their families.

Some of these effects remain as “invisible wounds” – leaving families clueless on how to cope. While a large portion of the 48,000 registered nonprofits seek to help the individual veteran, and first responder, Together for the Good Inc. recognizes the veterans’ and first responder families often are the ones who stand on the sidelines supporting from afar.

These families take the brunt of the effects from PTSD and Mental Health challenges and collectively are left to pick of the pieces. We believe that a strong family foundation is the key contributor to minimizing PTSD and stressors of Mental Health will help as a driving force to a successful recovery.

Our story

Our nonprofit services cater to the spouses and children of our veterans, and first responder community...

Our nonprofit services cater to the spouses and children of our veterans, and first responder community who like the veterans, also need counselors and mental health treatment. We have found the lack of reediness when it comes to our families and therefore establishing low-simulated crisis Community Family Wellness Centers throughout the United States is what we strive for, offering families a safe place to seek assistance.

The focus will be to educate the family on mental health, PTSD, TBI, and its correlation to suicide.

Together for the Good Inc. seeks to be on the forefront of changing how information about these subjects are presented – translating on an age appropriate level. Combining our efforts to have an holistic approach we focus on the team aspect as a whole and not just an individual, we assist in the individual and services needed but incorporated the family throughout whole journey. Family first, they depend on us the most.

Understanding PTSD

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